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5 Poses for Core Strength

I am not naturally strong, so I love to work on strength. When I’m feeling low in energy or in a bad mood, working a little bit on core strength almost always elevates my inner space. These are five of my favorite poses for core strength that I’m working on now. I filmed my current core strength routine while traveling in Africa at the coast in Kenya, so you can practice along with me. I often like to vary things up and I’ll do a routine of poses for a few months and then switch it up. Join this practice and let me know how it goes for you.

1. Plank—

If you have taken a class with me, you know I love my planks. The combination of shoulder work with core strength is a really powerful mix. Keep the abs engaged in and the tailbone tucked under.

2. Navasana—

Probably the most well-known of all the yoga poses to target the core, Navasana, the boat pose, can take many forms. The key here is to focus on good form and keep the front body engaged. If the back muscles take over, you may feel a strain instead of that nice burn of the abdominal muscles that indicates a solid activation of the core.

3. Supta Padangusthasana—

Ok this one is equal parts flexibility and strength. But everyone always focuses on the hamstring flexibility when in fact a lot of core strength is needed to lift the torso off the ground to meet the leg. I love this pose because it’s easy to modify (just bend the knee) so everyone can work the core strength aspect.

4. Lolasana on blocks—

While Lolasana, Pendant Pose, is really difficult, adding blocks makes it more accessible. Plus, with the added space it’s likely that you can stay up just that little bit longer.

5. L-sit—

Another one of my favorites, the l-sit is a great way to work the movement mechanics of the lift up. The dynamics of this pose are relatively easy to find, so with just a little technique most people can feel the butt lift a bit off the ground.

Watch this video and practice with me on Omstars, commercial free, HERE.

Or on YouTube, HERE.