Kino's Yogi Assignment Blog

A Brave New World, Free from Fear

by Kino MacGregor

If you believe everything you read online, hear on the radio or see on TV, then you’re probably convinced that we really are headed straight down the proverbial toilet bowl. But think again. Nothing you read, hear or see is absolutely true. News, although an attempt an objectivity, is nevertheless an account given by a person, just as history is a story told by the survivors. Many pioneering thinkers and coaches suggest taking a “news fast” for a week to ten days as part of a mental detoxification program.

It’s no wonder because everywhere you look there seems to be something new to fear. Whether it’s anti-depressants in the public water supply, petrochemicals used for fertilizer in vegetables, the ominous threat of rising sea levels, seven-legged frogs, the catastrophic storm that will kill us all, intoxicated spring break drivers, terrorists living in your own back yard, the collapse of the American economy, the subprime credit crisis or iatrogenic germs thriving in an antibiotic stew, there’s enough threatening information circulating on the average news network to drive any sane person into an agoraphobic outbreak. But huddling in-doors with shaking knees after reading the doom and gloom predictions of Reuters online won’t stop the fear from finding you.

Fear, created by the mind, fed by your thoughts and brought into being by your willing belief, has a tenuous home where more powerful vibrations (like love, joy and beauty) really belong. If you’re in the habit of fearing life then you will simply find new things to fear once you stop watching the news. While the media industry certainly feeds a particular reflex in the human organism, it did not create this reflex itself. Instead it merely does what any good business model does, that is, it goes where the money or the success is. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Responsibility lies not in an abstract notion of an industry, corporation or network, but instead within each person who individually continues to perpetuate false notions of fear every day. A Course in Miracles says that “no one who lives in fear is really alive”. With every trepidation taken away from strength the cowering darkness within grows. Practice fear every day and it becomes a way of life. Practice it for an entire lifetime and it defines the state of your soul.

This is good news, for as long as fear is created by something outside yourself you will remain powerless to do anything about it. When the creation of something rests within your sphere of control you have unlimited potential to change it. So begin your work immediately by addressing each fear, conscious and unconscious, spoken and unspoken with a tenacious commitment to excavate the truth. Use the faculty of your mind to question, dissect, analyze and deconstruct the entire edifice of fear until it no longer exists. One by one search out each thought that unsettles you, disturbs you and drives you away from living your life. Once you have these thoughts within your grip, begin the slow, steady process of awakening. There is nothing more powerful than your own awareness. There is nothing that your inner light cannot reveal. Don’t believe anything external that says it is incontrovertibly real, for reality is what you make it. Your thoughts have no independent meaning other than what you choose to give them. You hold the key to a brave new world, free from fear, waiting just around the corner from the shadow of doubt.