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Compassion is the Fabric of the Universe

Compassion is the life force within every living being. Let it first flow through you so that you can experience the power of your own compassion before sharing it with others.

Sometimes the world can seem bleak, as though all the goodness has dried up and all that’s left is bitterness, suffering and hardship. But, that’s not true, no matter how depressed you may feel. There is a place within you that always knows that the truth about life is deeper than any drama or problems, even if those disturbances seem larger than life.

There is so much goodness within you, and within every living being. The seed of life is the mirror of the Divine and that exists within the entire universe. The blueprint of eternity is held together by the fibers of love. No matter how much hate is thrown out into the world, nothing can break the unbreakable immovable timeless presence from which all things originate. We are all children of God, even those who seem the most lost and hopeless. There is nothing that can destroy the spark of the Spirit within you.

Take a few moments each day to practice metta, loving-kindness. Offer the vibrations of metta towards yourself, to those whom are close, to those whom are far, to humans, to non-humans, to every particle of energy, every plan, animal, angel, guide, planet, galaxy, and the whole universe—even and especially towards those beings whom you find annoying (they need the most metta, for they are often the most miserable of them all).

Whenever you choose love over hate, you step into alignment with the Greater Good and become a conscious actor in the flow of life. Practicing the active state of compassion is training for the evolution of your consciousness. Compassion is a return to your true self, to your home in the Spirit. Compassion is the currency of heaven, through which by generating it, you make God’s Kingdom real in the sanctuary of your heart.  

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