Kino's Yogi Assignment Blog

Creating Time and Space for Yoga

by Kino MacGregor

Yoga inspires us, moves us beyond our normal boundaries, and asks us to dedicate ourselves in new ways. Even if you are just beginning your yoga experience, you already know the unmistakable peace left in your body after an amazing session. If you are lucky enough to have a regular yoga practice already, then you have committed yourself on at least some level to the path of personal discovery.

In every yoga class, you renew your commitment to be present with ourselves. When you choose to create the time and space to practice yoga, you powerfully create the life that you want. Each breathe reaffirms your unwavering dedication to your own evolution.

Modern life is filled with so much sensory stimulus; there is an inundation of advertisements and vacation escapes. Parking is a impossible, traffic is hard and long, the alarm clock is frozen, the IRS is waiting. It is a victory to even attend a class. In the quiet space of a yoga class, you experience another kind of holiday, one that transports you from the mundane world of mental chatter and white noise to the quiet space of honesty and intimacy that you hold within.

In each class that you attend, you make a statement to yourself that you are more committed to living a life of inner peace than to lapsing back into your old patterns of numbness, anger or denial.

Just creating an hour to listen to your body sends a signal to your entire life system that what you stand for is a life that includes a deeper sense of yourself. There is always the temptation to stay in bed and procrastinate. And there is always your life waiting for you to live it.

Creativity is not only for artists. You can create your life now. A student once said to me that before she did yoga, she didn’t have time for anything and that now that she practices yoga, she has time for everything. What changed? Commitment and dedication to another level of herself.

It is not that once you begin doing yoga, your life magically falls into place. Instead, with access to your inherent strength, you commit in each moment to discovering the full potential of your lives. There will always be things that get in the way of your ideas. There will always be details to sort out. Thus, it is in every moment that you make a choice about how you live, what you stand for and how you negotiate this small time you have on earth. The fabric of your lives unfolds through the series of seemingly insignificant decisions, actions and choices you make each day. What new stores of strength will you unearth during your next yoga practice? What space will you create today?