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Defining A Successful Yoga Practice

I’ve been practicing yoga since college, but does that alone make me a successful yogi? Do
the cool poses you can do make your yoga practice successful? Also, no. Success in the
yoga practice is not judged by external metrics like aesthetic performance.

Practice is different than performance. A performance entertains; a practice is done for you
and you alone. Your yoga practice is meant to help you become a better human being.
You’d be surprised at the changes you’ll see in yourself through practice.

How you judge your success is also how you can judge your failures. Remember that a
practice isn’t perfect, it means you’re practicing. Just because you’re not the epitome of
successful yoga practice, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure either.

What truly defines a successful yoga practice is dedicating yourself to learning more, not just
doing more. It’s remembering and honoring the fact that yoga practice isn’t purely physical.
It’s also a spiritual journey.

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