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Do You Need Guidance? Yoga Lineage Can Help You Evolve

In New Age teachings, there’s the idea that we can be our own gurus. But since life is not as simple as one step forward after another, yoga traditions teach us that we do in fact need someone further along the path to guide us along the way. But which guidance is right for us? 

You may find that a true yoga teacher is someone who can sit with the vast knowledge of instructions and create a safe space for the spiritual journey. Whereas a guru is someone who removes the darkness from one’s path and has a heavy fullness of spiritual vibration that brings wholeness and wisdom. They hold space to awaken our inner Buddha.

So when opening up this conversation of tradition, lineage and guidance, what’s left to say about our own spark of divinity, New Age guilt and journeys full of challenges?

It’s time to bring attention to the importance of tradition, lineage, and respect for the role of a teacher or guru in the yoga tradition by appreciating the fine balance between questioning and challenging our lineage. 

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