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Enjoy the Path Just a Little Bit More

It’s been a pretty intense week, and I want to catch everyone up with the changes that are happening. Change is never easy, and I am now facing a lot of the grief and sadness that comes about when things are ending. 

We founded the Miami Life Center 15 years ago, and so many family members, friends, yoga students, and visitors put so much work into developing this space and this community. The reality of it all ending and everything changing hit me like a brick wall last week as we started to move things out of our South Beach location. The closing of our old location made me realize so many things, and I’ve become more aware of the instability around me.

Now, just because someone practices yoga and meditation doesn’t mean they don’t have negative thoughts. Everyone has bad days, and ugly feelings of doubt and regret can creep into anyone’s head. Yoga is a tool that can help you work through these feelings when they arise, but it doesn’t stop them from bubbling to the surface. 

What I’ve learned about myself through this experience is that those old habits and old patterns of thinking are so familiar and so comforting that it can be easy to walk down that path again. You aren’t a failure just because you spiral into a negative headspace. Light and darkness are in a constant dance, and you can’t have a good day without an obstacle (or two) to balance it out. 

This balancing act between happiness and struggle is how we learn, and everything on this path is designed to make us stronger. It is not a sign of weakness to feel self-doubt, but a sign that you are headed in the right direction. As you hear my story, I invite you to observe the thoughts in your own mind and acknowledge the tint of your inner dialogue: is it positive, negative, or neutral? You can’t ignore the good, but you can’t magnify the bad, and I share some easy ways you can avoid bargaining with that nagging voice in your head.

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