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Equanimity, Mindfulness, And The Yoga Practice

A misunderstanding about meditation is that it calms your mind. But even after 20 years of practicing, a calm mind will still have days of chaos. The purpose of meditation is not to become calm but to create equanimity. 

Though the words calm and equanimous are often used synonymously, there is a slight difference. Calmness can be compared to still waters, while equanimity is more like the sky. It’s a container that holds all things. 

The equanimous mind remains the same, no matter what happens. It contains all of your thoughts, emotions, and memories but does not react to them. 

Similar to memory, mindfulness requires total presence and having full faculty of your senses. But while memories are rooted in the past, mindfulness is now.

If you can learn to anchor the mind with mindfulness and yoga practice, you can learn to become equanimous. Begin with a 5-minute meditation or mindfulness practice.

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