Get Your Yoga On


The book begins with a brief history of yoga that seeks to clearly link the contemporary practice of yoga to its origins in India’s ancient past. It is crucial that every yoga student acknowledges the debt that we each owe to the generations of yogis in India who have tended the sacred fire of this practice for centuries. Kino proceeds to explore how each and every one of us can truly immerse ourselves, and get the most out of our practice both on the mat and off of it through practicing mindfully, eating mindfully, honoring our bodies, and more!

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  • A true, deep understanding of the origins of yoga for you to embark down this ancient path
  • ​Learn to honor your body and your life through yoga
  • Learn how to modify yoga poses making them accessible to you
  • Understand how anatomy and physiology relate to yoga practice
  • Through yogas experience-based approach, you will also experience first-hand the transformative physical, mental, and spiritual effects of an intelligent yoga practice

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