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Managing The Mind, Body And Emotions In Meditation

Why do we struggle to keep up a daily practice? Why do our thoughts spiral? Where is the subconscious mind located? This exploration provides consolation to the thinking mind’s questions about meditation.

Whether it’s five minutes or a one-hour sit, mediation is a practice that requires daily attention yet so many of us feel like we fail at it. The question is rarely whether we’re capable though. Rather, we must understand whether we’re asking too much of ourselves. 

The secret to starting and sustaining a daily practice is to underestimate our capabilities and we might just surprise ourselves.

Once we find ourselves deep in these meditations, our thoughts come into focus. If the mind is left unchecked it can proliferate and remove us from our intention to be present. While the goal is not to rid all thoughts from our mind, we’re often reminded that we’re not our body, mind, or emotions. We are the awareness. 

Being aware of a mind full of thoughts and a body revealing past emotions can make meditation challenging. It’s true. But the more we dedicate ourselves to the practice, the more equanimity unfolds. It’s waiting for us.

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