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Manifesting Magic

Read about manifesting and it can feel like the universe is just out there like a fairy godmother waiting to deliver you all your dreams. Look at your reality and you may wonder whether that magic really exists at all, or if it’s just the latest snake oil. Well, I am here to tell you that manifesting is real, or, at least that it can be, but not in the way that your mind thinks it should be. 

The level of mind that most of operate on is called beta frequency. This type of thinking oscillates between worrying about the future and ruminating on the past. The vast majority of human beings spend most of their lives living in this state. When you think thoughts rooted in the past, the energy of your body and mind, and ultimately of your life, starts to mirror those thoughts. You become a vibrational match for what you’re thinking and feeling. And if that’s the past, then your present and future will be more of the same. That’s true despite whatever affirmations or positive phrases you might speak in front of a mirror for a few minutes a day. Same thing with the future. When you engage in worst-case scenarios disaster thinking and allow anxiety to build, you begin to operate at the level of thinking, feeling and being that resonates most in tune with the exact scenario you are trying to avoid. Worrying doesn’t work to keep what you’re worrying about away. Instead, it works in the opposite way. If you worry excessively about something, the power of your thoughts will pull what you’re thinking about towards your life. Neither the future or the past are here. All we have is this moment. If you do not understand how to manage your energy and your thoughts, none of the teachings on manifesting will make a difference. You will need to manifest new thoughts within yourself first. 

On a surface level, we will all say that we are willing to let go of any limiting beliefs that are preventing us from manifesting our dreams. But on a real level, the truth is that we don’t know what our most limiting beliefs are. Our deepest and most harmful thoughts are buried deeply within the fabric of the subconscious mind. In traditional yoga philosophy, these repetitive patterns are often referred to as samskaras: deeply entrenched reaction patterns that have been practiced and rooted so repeatedly that they now fire on automatic. Some are benign, such as how we automatically make coffee in the morning. But some are truly harmful, like the quiet voice of self-loathing that constantly tells a story about how worthless we are and replays every mistake we have ever made over and over again. No amount of life-changing affirmations will actually work unless you’re willing to dive into the territory of the subconscious mind and chip away at the sleeping stock of samskaras that live there. If you only work with the conscious mind, there will always be a deeper current that sabotages even your best and most sincere efforts. 

The entire practice of yoga is based on the purification of samskaras. While we often think that the poses are yoga, the poses are merely a tool that allows yoga practitioners to see what would otherwise be a buried samskara. The poses are not the goal of yoga. A mind liberated from the chains of yoga is the goal of yoga. If you think you are free merely because you are a citizen of a democratic country, then think again. The real chains are in the mind. Look deeply inside and you will see that your mind and body carry the chains of generations of ego-driven behavior. But, look even deeper and you will see something else entirely. You will discover a truth that transcends the ego, a timeless, unborn truth that connects all beings, sometimes referred to as Spirit, or Purusha

It is written that even just a fleeting glimpse of this limitless space of being has the power to change your life forever. Yoga is here to give you, not just a glimpse of Spirit, but to bring you to the fullness of the power of Spirit in your life. When you realize your Self, you realize the cosmic Self and step into alignment with the Greater Good. And here, in the space of wanting nothing, you have the power to create all things, and whatever thoughts you think naturally and effortlessly manifest. But then, of course, you will already be whole and complete and beyond the state of wanting, you will be in the state of yoga. 

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