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Mental Health on the Yoga Mat

My latest episode of Yoga Inspiration was a special one. I interviewed two of my favorite fellow yogis, Henry Winslow and Veronica Lombo, and discussed some very important questions.

Veronica shares her experiences battling with mental health on the mat. For her, it wasn’t necessarily about attaining physical perfection or mastering the asanas. Veronica wanted to return to the home within herself and reconnect with her body.

Yoga is a spiritual experience, and Veronica discusses how being an empath impacted her yoga practice, her mental health, and inspired her healing journey. 

Of course, she couldn’t do this all by herself. Henry, her husband and fellow yoga teacher, offers advice on how to be supportive of a partner in crisis. He may not have come to the yoga mat for spiritual healing, but the practice teaches him a lot about how to help others (and yourself) heal. 

Too often we want a clear cut explanation for why things are the way they are. Sometimes that’s impossible to find. Life is chaotic, Henry says, and yoga teaches us how to sit comfortably with this uncertainty.

We all have the narrative in our heads that tells us that we can’t or won’t, and yoga can be the opportunity we need to prove ourselves we can. It can also be an opportunity to heal and find well-being.

But achieving mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is easier said than done. Many of us on this journey will need mentors to guide us on our way. Choosing a yoga teacher, a therapist, a doctor – or asking for help at all can be an intimidating experience on its own. Where do you start?

Finding a teacher or a mentor is a matter of asking yourself – what kind of person do you want to share your space with? Henry and Veronica provide amazing resources for those who need them and advice on how to choose. By aligning yourself with the core values that mean the most to you, you can find someone to help you grow as a person. 

When is it appropriate to seek therapy for mental help?

Veronica and Henry have advice for that too. Veronica promised herself that if she found the help she needed, she would share what she learned with others. Tune in to my podcast now for spiritual and mental healing and a glimpse into the subtle energy training that influenced Veronica and Henry’s healing journey.