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My Miami Beach Playlist

Mindy Body Green recently asked me for a playlist of songs that I use while teaching, but Ashtanga Yoga does not use music because the focus is meant to be internal. That does not mean that I don’t love music! So I suggested to create a playlist that embodies the lifestyle of the beautiful sunny beach town here I live.

Miami Beach is home to multi-dimensional skies that seem to burn all sorts of hues into your consciousness. There is something magical about catching a glimpse of the sunrise view on my way to practice yoga that opens my mind to a deeper, more peaceful way of being. One thing that I’ve always felt strongly about is the idea that living a peaceful life includes a good sense of the fun, full bodied experience of all that is. For me music with a good beat and a great message carries me straight into the full embrace of all of life. These songs capture the feeling of living in this sandy beach town.

You can see the full playlist on Mind Body Green. It might surprise you, so check it out on Mind Body Green!