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New DVD! Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga with Kino MacGregor, Greg Nardi and Tim Feldmann

Owning and running our yoga center on Miami Beach gives my husband and I the chance to experience a full range of yoga students. We have the dedicate group of Mysore Ashtangis who rise before dawn to practice in a candle-lit space before joining the legions of worker bees at their offices. We have the occasional yogi who drops in on guided classes once or twice a week. And we have beginners who are interested in yoga though unsure where to begin. After producing three Ashtanga Yoga DVDs I wanted to create an introductory level yoga DVD that would provide new practitioners will an inspiration welcome to the journey of yoga.

Our new DVD produced at Miami Life Center is just that. Called Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga, this DVD has four sections: a general introduction, a yoga philosophy section, a breathing section and a practice section. My husband and Level 2 Authorized Teacher Tim Feldmann guides the breathing section with the help of one of our students. Level 2 Authorized Teacher Greg Nardi outlines the basics of yoga philosophy and details modifications for beginners through the practice. I welcome you to the DVD in the Introduction and guide you through the practice segment.

Like a open invitation to the spiritual path yoga inspires you be more than you ever imagined possible.When you start practicing yoga the body itself becomes more sensitive and then asks you to live a more pure lifestyle. This DVD will hopefully inspire many new students to begin the lifelong spiritual journey of yoga. Students already practicing can use the short practice to follow on a light day.

Practicing asana makes the body more sensitive so that you feel more clearly the impact that unhealthy behavior, negative thoughts and destructive emotions have on you. Yoga is a path of liberation that we hope many will begin with our guidance on this DVD. The practice of yoga itself opens your body and mind to desire wholly a new way of being, living and interacting with yourself and others. It is the heightening of your own awareness that facilitates the transformation. You change not because your teacher tells you to but because yoga opens the door to a new way of being that you choose to walk through with joy, ease and grace. The journey into the lotus heart of yoga is a lifelong spiritual practice that bears flowers in this life and beyond.

This has been the result of over two years of collaborative vision driven between me, Greg and Tim driven by my idea to create a beginner level Ashtanga DVD. We are happy to be going to replication with the final product this week and releasing the DVD hopefully within the next month. Updates will be posted at here as soon as it is ready.

Pre-order the DVD here now!

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