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Sacred Knowledge and the Journey of Becoming a Yoga Teacher

The call that brought us to our yoga mat is the same call that leads many of us toward the path of teaching.

The mental, physical and spiritual healing that can be found within a dedicated yoga practice is life changing. It’s only natural that the desire to spread this wisdom with the world comes knocking.

But is that passion enough to be a good teacher? Your teacher training may have provided an immersion into yoga but the truth is, the deeper we dip our toe into the stream of truth, the more we realise that there’s an entire ocean of knowledge yet to be understood. 

This conversation explores a teacher’s need to surrender to their life-long role as a student. To potentially hold space for someone’s awakening requires a first-hand understanding of the power this sacred practice possesses. 

A teacher will face many lessons – maybe even doubt and comparison. But these are lessons that are just as important as your studying. There is no rush. Take your time.

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