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Softening Bitterness with Spiritual Endurance

If we expect somehow to only show up for our practice when things are feeling good and do a good job from the external standards, then we’ll lack the kind of spiritual fortitude that’s really required.

And, in this modern age, it’s all too easy to lose our grip of patience when immediacy permiates our every chance to make a decision. We may be fortunate to live in a world of advancements that better our lives but, if our desire for convenience takes precedence, we risk weakening our spiritual edurance. We risk hardening our hearts when faced with difficulty.

We must also ask: if our default understanding of endurance is to bring presence and perspective to adversity, where does that leave us when things are going well? 

Spiritual endurance goes beyond ‘pushing through’ and instead offers a chance to deepen our yoga journey, to enrich our lives way beyond the mat.

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