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Take a Moment of Silence

What are you thinking about right now?

If you think too hard about it, you’ll realize our minds are always distracted. We are always focused on the business of daily life, which is why so many of us avoid the silence. I’m here to tell you that these moments of silence are important. 

It is in this silence that we come to truly know ourselves, and through this silence is how we fight the battles within ourselves. You just have to get comfortable with it. Meditation can help you do that.

Meditation trains us to survive the silence. Through meditative practice, we can utilize the quiet moments between our breath and rebel against the ingrained habits of our subconscious mind.

For some of us, meditation makes us anxious. For others, we get sleepy. I have a few recommendations, but first — I want to ask you to close your eyes.

By closing our eyes, we force the mind’s attention inward, force it to focus on something other than the outside world, if even just for a minute. It could be the longest sixty seconds of your life, but the silence is there to help you. Sitting in silence will strengthen your mind and give you the power to break all those old negative ways of thinking.

If you’re worried about the silence, I recommend that you pay attention to your breathing. Don’t change the way you breathe, just watch yourself breathing until there is no longer silence – there is just you and your breath. 

Taking on your own mind takes courage, and your courage inspires me to step onto the yoga mat every day and practice not only my asanas but my meditation. Tune in to my latest podcast episode now to learn more benefits of meditative practice, and take advantage of my guided meditation episodes.