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The Day Social Media Died

With the recent Facebook and Instagram crash, I want to check-in and ask – what happened to you the day social media went down? 

Many of you have told me how refreshing it was to get away from your phones and let go of the expectation of being available at all times. It was definitely an opportunity to live in the moment and re-evaluate the ways we interact online, but how many of us fell back into the pattern of checking Facebook again as soon as it came back?

Social media reveals the patterns that are at work in our subconscious mind, and these patterns are born from our environment and influence the way we think and how we interact with the world. Unfortunately, when the social media algorithm is based on engagement, it seems that only the most negative stories reach the tops of our feeds. 

What kind of reaction does this create within us? Where you give your attention is so important, so be mindful of what kind of content is dominating your attention. Not everything works in our best interest on social media, and it’s up to us to learn how to use this tool with the right intention. 

Because it is an amazing tool that connects us with so many people around the globe, and when used correctly, social media can create a currency of meaning that inspires compassion and understanding. I share ways you can retool what shows up on your feed to better understand the algorithm and adjust your content accordingly. 

When you take a moment to consciously engage with social media, it can start to change the way you think about the world.

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