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The Initiation of the Heart

Remember when you first started yoga? That beginner’s mindset is what we’re trying to get back to as we progress along the journey.

The longer you practice, the more important it is to check back in with yourself and your beginner’s mind. Too often we come to the mat with an agenda – sometimes it’s to do a headstand, or maybe we want a deeper backbend, but when you come to practice with a plan in your head, you’re missing out on your moment to really connect. 

That moment goes beyond the physical poses. Yoga is your chance to reconnect with your spirit and get back in touch with the deeper intention of the practice. Remember – yoga is an initiation of the heart. 

The more we practice, and the more we learn about the physical practice and poses and bending, the further we stray from that excitement and wonder we felt that first day on the mat – our beginner’s mind. Yes, I love learning about yoga, but I also love how my yoga practice is a chance to unlearn all that I know. 

When you come to the yoga mat, you are starting on a journey that will turn you into a totally new person, if you let it. In order to be re-invented, you have to acknowledge that – despite all you know – you really don’t know anything.

Your spirit remains untouched by all that your mind knows, and your yoga practice is the rare moment where you have the freedom to spend time within the freshness and newness of the human spirit.

Come explore this freshness of spirit and reconnect with the innocence of the beginner’s mind on my latest episode of the Yoga Inspiration Podcast.