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The Origins Of The Practice

Yoga is an existing flow, like a stream. It has flowed before you, you interact with it when you step in, but it keeps flowing when you step out. Lineage requires us to have a multidimensional outlook. To be able to look back, look forward, and be aware of our current standings.  

It’s not the type of lineage that involves genetics or bloodlines. To enter into the Yoga lineage, you must practice conscious choice and intentionality. It’s Setting the intention to practice, making the conscious choice to practice, not to mention the practice itself.

Yoga is an intentional type of connection from teacher to student. The lineage of the practice gets passed on like a torch. The flame ignites within the teacher who lights the student’s metaphorical candle, and so the flame burns on through others, as they pass it on. 

When you devote yourself to the yoga practice, you aren’t devoting yourself to the teacher. You’re devoting yourself to the source, where the lineage points. How will you tend the sacred fire?

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