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We Are Spiritual Beings

The biggest mistake we all make is forgetting we are spiritual beings. And to be able to live now is a gift, no matter what may be going wrong in your life. As you release more love and gratitude, you enter your spiritual consciousness a little more. 

A new world is being born. We are light bearers, holders of a certain spiritual consciousness, and grateful for the practice and whatever divine forces are at work in your life. As this world changes and shifts, we change and shift along with it, carrying the torch of our practice to new generations for future change. 

Things that affect your dignity, like helplessness and loneliness, are grand illusions that we learn to accept upon living in this world. But, they are not present in the spiritual realm. When you realize this, the steps you take are in love and gratitude and the only power you have is within you. But this power in our breath is the power to create change from a distance.

You are a great, powerful, and mighty spiritual being, with dignity, direction, and purpose. You’re in the right direction, but it’s the purpose that most struggle with. It’s not to be perfect. Your purpose is to be yourself and to make a difference. And you have the power within yourself as a spiritual being to do that. 

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