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Weekly Yogi Assignment: Karuna, Compassion

I’ve been teaching and filming here in Bali, the magical island known for healing, jungles and surfing. Over the last two weeks there have been two massive earthquakes in Indonesia, one registering at 7 magnitude and another one at 6.4. Both earthquakes happened in Lombok and were felt in the neighboring island of Bali and throughout Indonesia. In the aftermath there was have been 11 smaller earthquakes ranging around 5 magnitude.

I’ve never experienced an earthquake before. I’m not sure how long the big one lasted, maybe a minute. As Bali is known for its healing therapies I happened to be getting a massage when it happened. At first I honestly couldn’t figure out what was happening. There was vibration and everything started shaking. Then my massage therapist said, sorry but we have to stop and go outside. So I got up, put my clothes on and went outside.

I found people running out to stand in the street. It was surreal. The most dreamlike part of it all was that I wasn’t scared at all. I startle easily so it seemed bizarre for me to be standing in the middle of an earthquake without being scared. But maybe that’s because I’ve never experienced an earthquake like this before where the buildings shake and rattle. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. Then, just like it was over. At least for me. The damage in Bali was minimal, but in Lombok there are close to 100 people confirmed to have lost their lives.

As I sit here safe and sound feeling blessed and protected, my heart also breaks for people who aren’t safe. From my bubble of gratitude I started to feel overwhelmed with the grandness of suffering. Life is so precious, here one moment and gone the next. Take nothing for granted. Tell the people you love that you love them. Forgive yourself and your world. Love everyone and everything, including yourself, and take the necessary action to express your love in your life. Don’t wait to live the life you dream of or place your bets on tomorrow. All that matters is in your heart.

This week’s Yogi Assignment is Karuna, Compassion. Translated into English as feeling plus action, I’d like to ask you donate to earthquake relief efforts in Indonesia and spread the word. Indonesia is now considered an active disaster site. Tourists are being evacuated from Lombok and the Gili Islands while some locals have been afraid to stay indoors or return home for fear of another earthquake to hit.

Below are two links to organizations on the ground here in Indonesia who are doing the work.



Every donation helps. You can make a difference.