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Yogi Assignment: Healing

As many of you know, my outside cat named Cleo has been in the animal hospital for the last two days. You might know her as the sweet kitty who often hangs out by our front door. My husband is allergic to cats which is why she has to stay outside and only come in to visit and rest. She’s doing much better but it will be a long road to recovery. Thank you for your prayers.

I am also recovering from a bad 2nd° burn on my thigh that I got when I walked up to my husband on his motorcycle to say hello and give him a kiss. I never knew what type of pain a deep burn was until now!

These are really just small bumps in the road of life, but the experience over the last few weeks has me thinking that the theme of the new year is healing. The more I speak with people about what they’re going through whether physically, emotionally or spiritually it seems like what we all collectively need is healing. The one source of true healing is a deep and honest connection to the Divine. Without that, nothing really has any hope of truly making a lasting impact. Throughout the course of my burn, I’ve been recommended to do 1000 different things. I’ve been so grateful for the advice and I’ve tried nearly everything everyone has recommended. There were some amazing things that have really made a difference in my burn. Once this is all healed I’ll put that all together so that I can share the secrets of it all. But, what I realize more than anything else is that without deep faith no amount of creams, oils, Band-Aids, doctors, or anything else really makes a difference. It is truly the peace that passes all understanding that must be the rock and foundation of all healing. So, This week’s Yogi Assignment is healing.

What ever you do with a peaceful heart will be blessed. What ever you do out of fear and panic will only lead to more suffering. At first I was afraid that this burn would leave me with a massive scar. So much of my initial reaction was based in fear. But, through grace I changed my inner dialogue to love. Now, as I apply the cream’s and oil‘s to the burn, I start to tell the story of love. While it was hard at first, even though it may seem trivial, this small change in paradigm has made a huge difference. Without love, without grace, and without peace, healing is simply not possible. Sometimes I feel like we spend so much of our lives looking for a quick fix solution, when the answer is so much more humble and obvious than we think. Love is healing. Peace is freedom. Grace is the ultimate gift. With this trinity surrounding you always, there is nothing that will ever defeat your spirit.

Where ever you are on your journey of healing, whether you are personally suffering or someone in your life is suffering, let us all unite together in a prayer of healing. Let us lift each other up for today in the arms of love. Perhaps as you’re reading this you will feel connected to a community of yogis. Perhaps as you open your mind and heart up to the holy and sacred vibration of love, you will feel the arms of faith wrap around you like a cloak of hope. This is one way we can change our world, with the healing power of love.