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Yogi Assignment: Satya, Truthfulness

Truth is neither convenient nor personal. It seeks out no harm, shares only light, bears out witness to the end of time.

Truth needs no name-calling, blaming or hate attached to it. If you are an angel of truth, your words are kind, honest and just. In everything I have written I have taken great effort to be both kind and truthful, balancing Ahimsa and Satya. Every yogi is a standard-bearer of this delicate balance. Truth holds everyone accountable for their actions, as each and every one of us is always accountable for our actions and alignments. Yet truth takes the high road, refusing to take the bait and spew hate, while never backing down.

How you respond to the truth is a test of your moral character. The truth may hurt your feelings, but really, it is rarely ever about you. The truth is a rising tide of justice and consciousness that lifts up what is righteous.

Deny, fight or bury the truth and it will follow, nag, chain and define you for the rest of your life.

Stop, reflect, process, acknowledge and change when you’re woken up to the truth and the truth will set you free.

You decide. Do the work as best you can. Fight the good fight.

When it’s all said and done, years down the road when you look back at your life, you won’t regret all the times you spoke out and stood up for what was right. You’ll look back and ask yourself if you did enough. And so many of you are standing for truth! Thank you.

The truth is also vulnerable. It can be buried, hidden, twisted, denied, used and abused. But it can never be killed or kept secret forever. The truth needs you to speak up and be brave and kind. And speak up so many have! Please also be kind—David cannot become Goliath.

The truth needs your unwavering commitment and courage. It’s not a blip of outrage or meanness. It’s steady perseverance that chips away at strongholds of ignorance and injustice. Every breath, word, and choice is a chance to take a stand for the truth. You may need to work twice as hard and walk the extra mile until the moral arc of the universe gently bends to justice. Walk the talk with grace and grit.

Never. Give. Up.

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