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Yogi Assignment: Seek Up

Yoga can be considered a seeker’s quest. To truly practice this spiritual science of the soul you have to yearn for depth. Yogis are not perfect beings. We are all human beings on the path to raise our vibration and seek up. In some ways yoga can be understood as voluntary evolution. Instead of running the same old patterns over and over again, the yoga practice teaches you how to examine your reality and grow from it.

There are signs all around you all the time. Every experience has the potential to be a teacher. Some of my biggest life lessons have come off the mat in unexpected places that almost broke my heart.  Sometimes when I look back on the mistakes that I’ve made they mostly have to do with not being willing to see the truth about something or someone. It’s like I want so badly to speak to the potential of someone’s greatness that I turn a blind eye to their reality. This boundless optimism can have its benefits. For example, I usually think everyone is awesome and bc I think that sometimes even people who aren’t really all that nice treat me really nicely. I like to think that if you expect the world to be a kind and happy place it will be. And truthfully it generally is. But the truth is always the truth. It’s not fake or unreal. It’s just there, unchanging, pure, simple, clear, waiting for you to see it.

As a seeker on the yoga path I am constantly eliminating negativity and training my mind to be focused of love, kindness and peace. It isn’t always easy. This week’s Yogi Assignment is Seek Up. This is the title for my talk show on OmStars and it’s also a life motto of mine. You have to set your sights on higher vibrations and eliminate toxic thoughts, habits or people no matter how addicted you may be to them. I encourage you to go through your life, see clearly and raise your vibration. Think positive thoughts about yourself and others. If you notice that someone harps on the negative, ask them to stop. If you have a friend that is always in crisis and needs you to rescue them, break the chain and don’t rescue them this week. If you’re faced with drama don’t feed the storm, remain equanimous and let it go. Clean your emotional, mental and spiritual house. It feels as good if not better than cleaning your physical house!

Here are a few points for reflection on your journey to Seek Up:

1. Just because someone isn’t throwing a drama bomb at you directly doesn’t mean that one day they won’t throw said drama bomb at you if they carry it around in their back pocket like a secret weapon.

2. How you treat one person is how you ultimately treat everyone. If someone is always getting into fights and yelling at people it is most likely that sooner or later they will get into a fight and yell at you. You have to choose whether you want to support their behavior or subject yourself to it.

3. Call it out immediately. Don’t stand for a moment when something crosses a line. Don’t make excuses for people that they don’t have for themselves. If someone is bullying you, you’ve got to stand your ground, no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

4. Potential is one thing. Reality is another. While on a spiritual level I have infinite patience for everyone to learn what they need to learn and I believe everyone will one day wake up to the highest truth, I don’t personally have the time, energy, or patience to baby-sit anyone while they grow. How people act is a good indicator of how they are.

5. Raise your vibration. If you notice that certain people always complain and see problems they might be operating at a lower vibration than you want to. See things from the perspective of how to lift yourself and others up. Seek up