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Advice for Yoga Teachers

Do you sit and meditate after every yoga practice? It’s important to take a few moments after asana practice to meditate. The yoga journey is not linear, and sometimes we can lose track of ourselves and our practice while on this path. But when we sit and take the time to breathe and practice metta, we can remind ourselves why we started practicing yoga in the first place.

Yoga practice is not just for us. Yoga leads us on the path to becoming our best possible selves, but the practice of yoga is for all beings. And when we practice metta after our asana practice, we remind ourselves that we are cultivating this peace both inside and outside of ourselves. 

Sometimes this path can lead us to becoming yoga teachers. Many of you may be actively pursuing this path, and I have important advice for any of you thinking of becoming yoga teachers. The most important thing to remember about being a yoga teacher is that you are still a student. The yoga journey is the student’s journey. The moment you stop learning alongside the yogis you teach is the moment you stop practicing yoga.

Teaching yoga is not a career path, and I share more advice for first-time yoga teachers who are worried about maintaining the integrity of their practice while on this journey. The idea of teaching is sacred, something to be considered with humility, and not something to be treated like a business.

If you feel burnout from running a business and practicing yoga, there are steps you can take to hold that heart space for yourself. Putting yourself first is the only way to pursue this path, and take all the time you need to discover all there is to learn as both a yoga student and teacher.

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