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Awareness: The Guidance to Equanimity

In life, there’s always something to react to or suffer from. Whether it’s happy or irritating, there’s ALWAYS something. From the practices of the Buddha, I have found that in our suffering, we ignore the practice of equanimity. Equanimity comes from a Sanskrit word that means being undisturbed.

According to the teachings of the Buddha, when you’re reacting to something, it’s not the external thing but the body’s sensations. Those sensations and your perception of them determine your reaction. And the key to beating this is by becoming aware.

Until we remove the source of our suffering, it continues to cycle. This can be done through mindfulness, meditation, and of course, yoga. But, the secret is to not become bored and tune out from the vast neutrality of our lives. 

Through developing a good meditation or yoga practice, you can begin to create space for yourself to become comfortable with neutrality, awareness of body senses, and the workings of the subconscious mind. 

Just starting with 5 minutes can help you master convergent and divergent focus, which helps guide you to true wisdom and equanimity. And through all of this, you can find your way out of suffering. 

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