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Don’t Miss Another Moment On Your Spiritual Journey

Time is precious. And it’s fleeting. Sometimes it goes by so fast it feels like things are over the instant they start. So what are you going to do with this limited resource? How will you spend the time you have left?

There are no wrong or right answers, but I invite you to reflect on the time we have. The spiritual journey we are on together is still a solo experience because it’s up to you how you will use this time. 

Will you come to the mat every day with patience and persistence? Will you sleep in some mornings? Yes, and yes, of course. But each time you choose to get on the mat, it will remind you that you are taking the big step away from fear, away from anger, and moving one step closer to the peace and equanimity we are all seeking. 

Our spiritual journey reminds us that every moment is precious. This time you have right now, in this moment, and in this body — this is the only time you have. You can never get this moment back, so sit and appreciate it while it’s here. Even if you leave the mat and miss the moment, don’t be intimidated by the time you lost. Keep moving forward and watch your practice grow again.

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