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From Student to Teacher: How to Use Discernment and Slowness

Limitlessness and opportunity – the inertia of pacy modern life can serve as fuel for realising our purpose in this lifetime. But much like this two-month immersion in Mysore that serves as a grounding balance to our proactive compulsions, finding the right teacher will surely keep us all on the right track. At the very least, it will help us avoid complete burnout.

Yet while living in a world of endless possibilities, this can also be a tricky endeavour in itself. When there are many gurus in arms reach – whether digitally or a plane ride away – it inevitably raises the questions: How do you find your teacher? How do you know they’re right for you?

Everyone has teachers along their path, but not all of us are willing to acknowledge them. Whether that’s perfectionism rearing its head or a case of warped expectations, the only thing that matters is ensuring they meet our needs, our values. 

So teachers and life-long students, settle into this dharma talk that arose after two months in Mysore – the truth that arose when the desire for action was extinguished.

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