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How Evaluating Your Practice Leads to the Validation of Your Efforts

Yoga is a spiritual practice, an internal journey that can’t be reflected in anyone the same way it is inside yourself. The fundamental idea is that the seeds of awakening, peace, and Samadhi are within every single one of us. 

Your experience is best evaluated personally and individually. Not by the standards of others or external factors. “If only” will only toxify your yoga practice, ruining it for you and others. Only you can evaluate your own yoga journey. 

The poison of our conditioned existence is the jungle of our thoughts. It is up to us to make a path out of this jungle by honing our thoughts through yoga practice and internal growth. There is a different path for every growth. 

And this will not look the same as someone else. But, this doesn’t mean you’re doing it incorrectly. Your effort and your own evaluation of your efforts in your practice are the only things that matter. Once your efforts are valid to you, they grow into something more. 

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