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Is Yoga Competitive? Aging Yogis and Preserving Lineage

If you were blindfolded and asked to describe what’s in front of you, you might say ‘thin and ropey’. At least, that’s what you’d say if an elephant’s tail was in front of you. This description of your experience is true, but it’s not the whole elephant. 

When it comes to understanding this life, the same thing applies: not one person can comprehend the whole. 

We’re each searching for meaning through different lenses. For many, the lens is yoga and with commitment, profound insights are uncovered. Yet, as yoga brings us closer to our truth, we mustn’t get lost in competition nor should we forget that our insights are just as fragmented as seeing the elephant for its tail.

The solution? Of course, we open our minds. More practically, we can honour yoga lineage by respecting our elders. Their asana practice might be as agile, but their wisdom is rich.

Let’s preserve our most sacred sources of knowledge.

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