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Love, Honor, and Respect the Body

Meditation is a practice that is here to teach us something new. It’s true that the meditation practice helps bring a calm mind and a happy heart, but it can also help us in being more conscious to love our bodies and accept ourselves for who we are, flaws and all. It takes practice to become comfortable in our own skin again, and meditations in mindfulness can bring us a step closer with each breath.

Your breath is your anchor. Let it bring you back when your mind wanders. The breath will steady your thoughts and bring your focus away from the external world and back into the inner world. If distractions are overwhelming, pay attention to your breath as it tickles the tiniest hairs on your upper lip.

Perceiving even the smallest sensation that arises helps to cultivate an attitude of equanimity.

Your mind can be distracted, there’s nothing wrong with that or with the power of your attention. These distractions are natural and your chance to practice being non-judgmental. Just observe that your mind has gone away and bring your attention back to the warmth of your breath on the edge of your nostrils. 

The power of something so tiny can have big changes on the way you perceive yourself. As your focus flows inward and passes through the judgmental thoughts on your way to your subconscious, you’ll realize how easy it is to turn your mind away from the negative thoughts about yourself and toward a more neutral point of view. In this equanimous state, you can begin the meditation to love your body. 

As you begin your meditation, be sure it includes love, honor, and respect for your body. Starting at the soles of your feet, all the way up to your shining face. Let the body be as it is in its vulnerable state and do not pass judgment, just feel the sensation of your body as a whole and thank it for the beauty and strength it creates for you.

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