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Perseverance and Accessibility

The pandemic has changed a lot of things about the way we work, how we share time with friends, and even how we practice yoga. At first, the yoga community was very much against video classes. But it came to the point of necessity during global lockdowns for yoga teachers and studios to move online. 

We changed the way we perceive online yoga classes, and how we engage with one another online also started to evolve. But with big change comes loss, and the pandemic has just been one unpredictable roadblock after another for so many of us in the yoga community. 

Moving businesses online or physically moving your business to a new location is uncharted territory for many of us. The perseverance I learned on the mat helped me get through the problems that kept cropping up during the move. My yoga practice made it possible for me to sit with all this uncertainty because I knew that the yoga practice is always there even when everything else is going completely wrong. 

A big part of our spiritual journey is embracing loss while focusing on the new. Change is inevitable. Sometimes you are in control of the changes. But, even then, there are things in this universe beyond our control. It’s important to rely on your community during these times and realize that even community support evolves. The pandemic has changed many things for the yoga community, but it will never take away from the sense of kinship we feel when we’re together, whether it’s online or in the yoga studio.

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