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Sadhana: The Spiritual Practice

Many of us, even myself, came into this beautiful world of yoga through Asana or physical practice. Then after some time, it becomes necessary to learn more about the Sadhana or spiritual side of and more subtle limbs of your practice. 

This is a very personal journey that will be different for everyone in terms of when you will find the spiritual spark. But, the general rule is by the time you’re getting to advanced Asanas, you should be exploring Sadhana. Otherwise, the physical side of yoga can become an obstacle to the spiritual side. 

Without equanimity and a calm mind, true presence and awareness cannot happen. Using Anapanasati and other limbs of yoga as tools and transitioning your yoga practice from physical to spiritual, you can find it all and more. 

Recognize the true nature of your own mind. Allow sensations to happen or your mind to slightly wander. But always come back to your meditation and breathing. That’s the key. 

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