Kino's Yogi Assignment Blog

The Delicate Time of Life

by Kino MacGregor

Our life is short, yet a real sense of time eludes us. It is more common to get hooked on the world of sensory pleasure than to live a spiritual life. E-bay, appointments and shopping consume the grasping mind. Television seems calmer than silence. Pain and loss are more addictive than gratitude and joy.

What’s stopping you from simply rejoicing in this very moment? Surfacing from the past like a sleeping giant, it is often past hurt, drama, pain, sadness, or anger that hasn’t found its way out of your system. Sometimes these patterns seem larger than life and you spend months, years and even lifetimes running from them. Yet that is never actually true, for you are stronger than you know. The thick patterns of past hurt are enticing temptations and, when you react to them, it is a moment of weakness rather than strength. Daily discipline is a slow, steady and methodical way to retrain the habit pattern of your mind. When you commit yourself to daily practice, your yoga has the opportunity to live through you. It is through your dedication that you will find real and lasting peace. Great stores of strength reside deep within you now; yoga is how you can experience, practice and expand your hidden strength.

Each human being holds the potential of a great and beautiful unfolding, a delicate dance whose musicality graces the halls of Earth with powerful presence. Your life energy is vibrant and alive, full of the desire to flower. Yet your seeds must be watered well to grow in a healthy way. When you practice, you water the seeds of consciousness. In this gentle, yet powerful way, you honor the preciousness of your life. Your presence here and now is as magnificent and ephemeral as the tender opening of rose petals in the morning light. In terms of spiritual practice, time is truly of the essence.

Tibetan Lama Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche teaches that a human birth is as rare as a twinkling star in the noonday sky. Look up in the sky tomorrow and see if you can find one. I have never seen anything but the sun.