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The Reality of Imperfection In The Meditation Practice

After years of practicing, I realized getting my meditation practice perfect wasn’t going to happen. But, this impossibility doesn’t have to be a problem. Understand the imperfect nature of all things, even yourself, your life, and what you bring to meditation practice.

A wandering mind is not a failed meditation. It’s all a part of the practice. And, that’s what it is: a practice. Imperfection and failure are a part of learning, a part of reality. No one is without imperfection.   

We must also bring this understanding of imperfection into our lives. Our lives are imperfect, with arguments and other negative situations. None of these are failures of your spiritual practice. In fact, this awareness is a sign of spiritual growth. 

Another important thing to understand is that judging other beings will only hurt your spiritual growth. The concept of good and bad varies, and it’s important to remember that our perception only allows us to see a sliver of reality. 

Blissful moments will happen, but this is when it is most important to practice non-attachment. Experience everything for what it is, and let it go. Remain present in the reality you are in and find peacefulness there. 

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