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Use Ahimsa to Understand the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

One moral and ethical principle unites all yogis on their path — ahimsa. Ahimsa is the practice of non-violence, a hopeful note of inspiration amid the conflict on the European continent.

We are all experiencing the Russian invasion of Ukraine in real-time. Many of us live in Europe and have friends and family who live in the cities we see on the news. I am not an expert in international policy or relations, and I am not here to discuss any political motivations. Instead, I want to invite everyone to join me in a prayer for peace. 

I am here to support the yoga community and all of those who feel overwhelmed. It is in our practice to live a life of non-violence, but we can feel helpless to control the countries and national leaders around us. 

There are resources here you can take advantage of to research, understand, and support the communities most affected by the war:

It’s important to remember that every death comes with grief. Every soldier comes with a family, a story, a life. Peace and justice are intimately connected, so don’t forget to consider those with a different opinion. Approaching something objectively — without expectation or judgment — is what we practice on the yoga mat, and it will be very helpful in the days to come. So join me now as we pray for peace for all of us who will be impacted by this war.

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