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What Type of Flame Are You Trying To Cultivate?

The ability to discern between what is true and not true is the ultimate goal of the Ashtanga yoga practice. Continual practice of the full eight limbs of Ashtanga will create a permanent state of “discernable discernment” — but that is so much easier said than done. 

As we well know, walking the path of yoga can take many, many lifetimes. We may not burn through all of our negative patterns in this life. But, as we continue to get on our mats every day, it’s important to not burn out our own passionate flames of inspiration in the process.

The more we learn on the yoga mat, the brighter our inspirational flame burns. However, many yogis vacillate between the extremes of practice-practice-practice and quitting because they burn themselves out. Especially as yoga teachers, it’s important to watch out for our own inspiration and experiences on the mat. If we’re having a hard time, that burnout can extend to our students and others in the community.

When you find yourself in that state of burnout — or tamas — seek out your yoga community. Become a student again and learn why you were inspired to get on the mat in the first place. The practice of yoga is never easy, but there are so many opportunities to be inspired. Ask yourself — What type of flame am I trying to cultivate? Let the answer lead you to your next step on this journey. 

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