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Top 10 Yoga Postures for Strength

Yoga is more than just stretching and relaxation. Daily yoga practice includes a comprehensive system that builds strength in the body and mind. My journey in yoga has been from weakness to strength in every sense possible. There are some key postures that helped me access the deep reservoir of inner fortitude that every person contains within. The 10 postures outlined below will help you develop the strength and stamina needed to truly build core power in your yoga practice. If you feel any of these postures are too easy, just hold the posture for one full minute while maintaining healthy alignment to test your strength and steadiness of mind and body. There are so many amazing postures that build strength in yoga that it was hard to choose the top 10, but I’ve selected postures that contain the foundational alignment and strength needed to master many more advanced postures. The 10 postures below contain the basics of all the strength work in yoga and its application to daily life. If you integrate regular practice of these 10 postures into your yoga practice you can experience a steady development of strength that will last your entire life. Strong, flexible muscles help keep your body youthful and your mind energetic. Practice with diligence and be patient.


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